Friday, August 23, 2013

Is The Other Queen Jealous Of Solo?

We always knew there was minor tension here and there between the two Knowles sisters, but sources say the tension is increasing more and more now ever since Solo was signed to PSR. Although B personally never expressed interest in joining PSR, sources say she always has wanted to, and although she respects any decision that NiNi makes, she doesn't feel that SOLO was fit to join the label. Sources say the two were involved in a heated argument just yesterday before the show, and security camera's do show an argument backstage although it looks more like a disagreement between sisters more then a actual argument and many say it had nothing to do with NiNi or PSR but of course more sources say it actually was and they claim they have the audio to prove it but they haven't released it yet. Sources also say that Mama Tina is involved in it as she is taking sides and they say she's actually taking Solo's side. They also say that the two sisters were involved in a fight earlier today when Solo showed up at her house and B threatened her that she can get her removed from PSR quicker than she signed the contract which Solo took as a threat. All of this information sounds totally bogus to us, but then again its many  times we thought something was bogus that turned out to be dead true, but still we have no official confirmation if its true or false as B solo nor Tina is speaking on anything, even daddy Knowles was questioned about it and he didn't give much info all he said was "They're sisters come on they been fighting since they were born, so they probably are having tension that's what sisters do so what, they always will love each other' He didn't comment on if he knew if the tension was due to NiNi or PSR. PSR artists were also questioned and pretty much all of them denied to answer any questions, and of course there's NiNi who was approached by a team of paparazzi and they asked her If she knew whats up and she didn't even have to say anything she shot them a very very mean look and they backed up slowly from her and said never mind you have a nice day NiNi, and she walked off, talk about  the beast of the game lol. Rumor has it though that all of this is someone trying to make a story and the queen is actually happy for her sister, which to us sounds a little more believable, but what do you guys think? In other news, Ariana Grande is learning what its like to blow up on the biggest label on the planet as today she got her first taste of what the game does to huge names, and today she was photo shopped onto a nude body and secondly rumor says she used to be a man. Ariana brushed it off though simply posting "This had to come sooner or later, I rather sooner then later" Despite her maturity though sources say that the nude photo is actually hurting her due to it being floated all around and she would rather her family not see it, and the fact that fans believe its her which is hurting her image in the kid audiences and with parents who felt she was a good influence on their kids.,  but this photo is literally everywhere and so is the man talk. Speaking of her check out the new song by her Ft Victoria Justice titled "I Love Boys" If you're a girl you should like this, my wife does. Click here to check it out!

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