Saturday, August 31, 2013

NINI Sends A Message To NENE And Kenya Moore

Today, NiNi sent a message to NENE and Kenya telling them to stay away from her artists. She said "All that bullshit,  its squashed I mean it, stay away from the label and stay the hell away from my artists" NENE posted "Sorry NiNi wont happen again I promise" Kenya posted "No problem girl its over and done with it" After all NiNi is the boss and she can get them kicked out the game if she wants too. In fact sources say that NENE secretly said "I don't want to get kicked out by her so whatever she wants she gonna get from me period" That statement has been confirmed to be true, as cameras captured the audio of her saying that. Sources also say that NENE and Kenya are now literally terrified of her, but that is unconfirmed. But seems like this beef is over and done with thanks to NiNi. Congratulations to her new boss powers and how those powers can stop beefs. Speaking of her boss powers its said that Princess is now back in the game. NiNi banned her early last month but sources say since they have squashed their beef,  she allowed her back in and she was immediately signed to RCA Records, that hasn't been confirmed though either. Check me out later for more info!

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