Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Queens Super Scary Halloween Party Is All The Rage

Happy Halloween everybody. ... today is NiNi's super scary (according to sources) Halloween party and it's being talked about all around the globe. Remember yesterday I told you she's inviting fan's but we didn't know how she will get them in? Well the party starts at 7 tonight right when it gets dark so you "N's" have about 8 hours to get this done. Here's how it's working, NiNi is only accepting 20 fans into the party and the first 20 fans to correctly answer "what was NiNi's first ever song" wins (no it wasn't "Dream Love") The first 29 fans who correctly answers that question gets a invite emailed to you which you can print out and show the security at the front and you'll get a chance to hang with NiNi and her crew inside of the PSR building and maybe get scared out of your shoes. Here's the rules. Only 20 fans allowed and only the first 20 fans to answer correctly wins. If you answered after the first 20 you still won't win. You are only allowed to bring yourself. No flash photography no video camera no guests. If you get star struck (meaning you're so crazy over seeing your fav celeb and you can't control yourself) you will be removed. You must have a costume it can be homemade or store bought but if you don't have a costume you will be denied entrance whether you're a winner or not. And lastly you must respect all rules and not get too close or fuck with the celebrities if you do you will be escorted out by NiNi's big fat security guys. So click here to go to the site and answer the question of "What's NiNi's First Ever Song?" Hurry only accepting the first 20. Good luck guys and for those of you who win,  congrats and have fun and be VERY afraid. Keep checking throughout the night for continuing coverage on this epic party.

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