Thursday, October 15, 2015

NINi Is Making A New Movie + New Drama

Seems like NINi has yet another new movie to he hitting the theatres soon. This comes from a reliable source and a reliable snitch that says she has been filming and is damn near done with it and this whole she's managed to slip right under our noses without having anyone find out about it. The only reason we know about it is due to the trailer being leaked. It was posted on YouTube this morning but quickly taken down but not before it received over 400,000 views and likes. According to the trailer it's called "Infatuated" but the trailer was extremely low quality so we didn't see faces clear although we think we might have spotted NINi or Melyssa Ford in a scene or two but once again too blurry. Although it's low quality the source says that's the actual trailer for it and once it's fixed up to movie quality it will get an official release date and the trailer will be released to the public. This is really exciting. NINi hasn't responded to requests for comments. Stay tuned guys. In other news, it wouldn't be PSR if it wasn't drama and yes now it's more and it's between Keke and Kat. This started due to Keke because as we all know Keke is on a new show called "Scream Queens" along with Ari. What happened was Emma Roberts, Ari, Abigail Breslin, Keke and the rest of the cast posted on promo photo for next week's show on Twitter and Kat liked and retreated every last one of their pics except for KeKes pic which obviously got Keke got offended by and she tweeted "Does someone have a problem no like no love no loss" Kat didn't respond until fans began blowing it up like it's really a big deal and Kat felt the need to address it posting "To all those saying I didn't like her pic let me make it clear who cares I don't like to like her pic because she's my label mate who acts like that and yall the nerve to blow it up like it's really all that serious. So I didn't like it big deal get over it wasn't really good enough to like anyway" Once again Keke took offense and fired back posting "Not good? Sweetie saying your album that just dropped is not good is a better thing to say ok" which started a twitter war. Click here to see it over an hour. Now looks like it's a new beef at PSR over something very stupid honestly. Stay tuned.

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