Saturday, October 24, 2015

Next Up: + Niq Is Next, Super Anticipated

Next up in the #Octobereleases is KC. KC has been impressive lately. After a messy divorce and almost losing her son due to her excessive party girl ways, she cleaned up and has never been back in the NHO category. KC was apart of the #JulyReleases and she produced a pretty successful album with her highest sales of her career at which at this moment is 244 billion copies. Now she's back with her 3rd mixtape titled "Tha Wait Is Over" which became seriously anticipated after the release of her highly successful hit "Thot" She hinted at a release for weeks but it kept getting pushed back and it dropping today was unexpected but exciting for all her fans. She currently  is right behind her boss in 2nd place. It is available for $2.00 and first day numbers are nice and they're still climbing. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Tha Wait Is Over" by KC. Niq Niq is tomorrow and although she was apart of the #SeptemberReleases she's back with her 7th album less than a month apart. Congrats to her by the way to being one of the only PSR artists to never ever be in the NHO category (hats off to you) Lookout for her new anticipated album tomorrow.

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