Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Did 5th Harmony Respond To NiNi's Diss? + Next Up

As we all know, the hottest topic and the biggest headlines is that NiNi is beefing with her group 5th Harmony.  Yesterday NiNi switched the words to her song which many feel is aimed at them due to so many things. Check previous blog to see why we all feel it was directed at them. Today their Twitter page seemed to have responded to her sub posting "And neither are we! #Fallback" Quick recap,  Yesterday At A show, NiNi changed her song to say tell them bitches I ain't backing down" so for them to say "Neither Are We" it says alot. This is literally everywhere, overseas cross country wherever there is Internet and TV everyone knows about this. We caught up to 5th Harmony earlier but neither one accepted to comment on anything. NiNi was also grabbed by a paparazzi guy and she didn't say much all she did when asked "what's up with you and 5th harmony queen?  She laughed and said "please" and walked away, so clearly it's a major issue happening at PSR and if any of you are wondering why she won't just drop them,  you must not be a true fan of NiNi because we all know NiNi accepts any challenge thrown at her and she would rather beef with her own artists to show them their place then drop them. But despite all of this seeming confirmed it's really not so we can't say for sure if they are beefing or if this is all just a coincidence. Stay tuned. In other news Miss Tinashe is arguably the most biggest artist at PSR besides NiNi and KP and she's definitely living up to her title. As we know she was apart of the #JulyReleases but now she dropped a very unexpected album as apart of the #OctoberReleases which means she's working her as off to drop 2 albums dam near back to back less then 3 months apart. This is her 7th PSR album titled "Legend" which is appropriate since she's on of them.  She is currently in 2nd place right behind NiNi and first day sales are going through the roof. Very good album guys trust me. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for;"Legend" by "T"

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