Saturday, October 3, 2015

Next Up + NiNi Gets New Tat

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Elle Varner seriously in the NHO category. This is her 2nd PSR album titled "Good Life" It's a pretty cool album and it's doing pretty well in first day sales. She is doing well with it coming in at 3rd place. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Good Life" by Elle Varner. In other news, have you guys seen NiNi's new tattoo? Yup she's adding more to her collection.  She went and got inked up by legendary tattoo artist Johnny B at the "Inked Up Shop" in New York. It's cool it's in cursive with orange red flames around it that says "I Am Music". She got it on her forearm which makes this her 14th tattoo (at least that we know of.) Her most recent one of an angel blew our minds just from the details and how the color popped like 3d. Her most impressive tat is her PSR tat on her hand that glows in the dark from special uv ink. So it's apparent NiNi is adding herself to the long list of celebs who aren't planning to slow down with inking up and we couldn't be happier she's so pretty tatted up the way she is. (No offense Beith) Click Here To See NiNi's new ink.

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