Sunday, October 11, 2015

More Drama In PSR Land

That crazy little world of PSR stays making headlines, mostly about drama though and we have another huge headline for you guys which involves NiNi & bad girl RiRi. Here's how it went down. The legends were performing "Feelin Myself" which features all 4 of them and they bought out RiRi to do her verse and at the end of the song, RiRi and the queen hugged it out and Ri grabbed her butt pretty hard to the point NiNis skirt came up a little and almost immediately she pushed Ri off of her and Ri went tumbling down 6 stairs rolling onto her head while NiNi stormed off the stage. Ri got up and walked towards the backstage. It all happened so quick but since fans were recording the epic performance already, the whole thing was captured on video and it's gone completely viral all over news outlets and paparazzi blogs. Click here to view the video (she grabs her butt around the 2 minute mark and she pushes her down the stairs around 2 minutes and 2 seconds). Now sources report that NiNi and RiRi have issues which will be the first time in 7 hears since Ri has been with PSR that they have had any issues, but sources report that it's Ri who's starting the problems. Sources say Ri is bitter at NiNis move last night and thought it was a dick move on her part and isn't feeling her at all right now" NiNi may have responded with a sub posting "that's cool cuz I'm Feelin myself" Ri hadn't spoken publicly about anything as of yet and her last tweet was showing off her new puppy. So is there more drama popping off at PSR?  Knowing the platinum crew as well as we do , we 2000% think so but it's still not 100% confirmed but after being pushed down stairs humiliated and embarrassed in front of over 45000 heads, it's likely Ri is bitter towards the queen and it may be some shit popping off. Stay tuned.

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