Thursday, October 22, 2015

Next Up + Drama Continues

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Tinashe. Tinashe has been doing extremely well and she was apart of the #JuneReleases and the #AugustReleases but this isnt an album though but it doesn't matter because she is doing alot and helping to keep PSR talked about and in the map. This is her 4th mixtape titled "Confident" which concidentally is Demis newest album title but she's not getting any shit about it so who cares. "Confident released as a digital release early this morning for free and so far has over 43 million downloads making her take over 2nd place which Lena was in this whole time. Click here for my full review, stats, info and download links for "Confident" by Tinashe. In other news we all know KeKe and Kat are locked in a beef which honestly Keke Started Due To Kat not liking a promo pic for KeKes new show "Scream Queens" and their childish unnecessary war (yup I said that) is still not over as we found them yet again having a twitter war full of sarcasm and overall bs. Click here to view their 4th twitter war within 4 days.

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