Friday, October 30, 2015

Next Up

It's the last two days of #OctoberReleases which means it's two more albums to look forward to. We still aren't sure if there will be a #NovemberReleases yet but we hope so. Next up is Babydoll. This is her 1st album as a Solo artist and it was highly anticipated. It's called "Maturity" which seems appropriate as we do see she has definitely matured in her music and personality, and it's not had coming in at 4th place with decent first day sales. Her former crew have also releases their first ever Solo albums this month. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Maturity" by Babydoll. P.S, sources say that PSR is beyond scary and that NiNi is done having it all set up for the big party tomorrow night and guess what? It's said that she is allowing SOME fans to attend which means it'll probably be a 24 hour raffle or contest to get an invite. Stay tuned to find out how to get to the party. And check back throughout all night tomorrow as we will be covering the party from start to finish.

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