Monday, October 5, 2015

Tension At PSR

The tension at PSR between Nick and NiNi is so thick you can cut it with a knife, but that's not the tension I'm talking about today even though NiNi is in it. It's no secret that NiNi and Dinah have exchanged words in the past which started when Dinah who is the most outspoken member of the group , voiced that she feels NiNi gives more attention to the Royals and her numbers then she does to them or any other artist. NiNi didnt argue with her, in fact she admitted she was right apologized and promised to give equal attention to her entire roster. Even though most of PSR bashed Dinah, they didn't disagree with her either. We thought that was the end of that, but it seems like almost every Damm month those two are in some kind of tension due to Dinahs mouth and it's no secret that 5th Harmony may be breaking up which Dinah subbed a hint to say that it's NiNi's fault when she said "How can you keep a 5 girl group together when that group isn't being taken care of properly financially" implying that they aren't paid enough as a group to continue. This naturally sparked rumors that NiNi and 5th Harmony may have an in house going on which went ignored by both NiNi and 5th harmony.  But NiNi seemed to confirm it earlier at one of the legend shows where at the end of "Break It Down" she rapped "What I got is what you lacking now call it how I see it tell them bitches I ain't backing down" The actual line for that song is "what I got is what you lacking now call it how I see it tell em that the bitch is back in town"  its a few reasons why many including us feel that that was for 5the harmony. Being that she switched up a whole line that's now the original way on her song is unusual. 2nd 5th Harmonys newest song is called "Back Down" which many swear is a diss to NiNi and the legends crew. 3rd isn't it weird how she changed the lyrics to up include backing down which is the name of their song and she used the term bitches instead of just bitch. 4th they rapped something saying We get it where you fail so tell shorty to back it down" Coincidence?  Highly doubt that but this move just exploded onto every social media site that's out right now and it's got the headline"NiNi Vs 5th Harmony. It has the hashtag #NiNiPleadsThe5th which is actually cool. Search engines like Google and bing have crashed 33 times due to so many people searching about this way bigger than the meek and drake beef by a longshot. Neither artist has responded to NiNi's sub and NiNi isn't available for comment. Stay tuned guys. Click here to see NiNi's bold move on stage earlier today.

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