Friday, October 2, 2015

"Stackz" Is The Biggest Talk In The Industry

Today NiNi's new movie "Stackz" hit theaters and it is all the buzz. Many people are buzzing over the in movie music video with NiNi and Tay which blew everyone's mind and will be made into an official music video in the next few days. Celebrities (like number 2 and number 4) as well as fans are praising the movie, it even got a praise from ex PSR artist Justin Bieber. The movie topped the box office beating out the previous number one which was "Hotel Transylvania 2" which stars Lena lending her voice to an animated character.  The movie has topped off at 62 billion dollars so far which is the highest so far of all the movies that have been releasing lately. I went to watch it early and it's really good and her cameo is cool too. Did any of you guys see it? If not click here to view my full review on "Stackz" Multiple sources also say that NiNi is in the middle of making a new movie, but that hasn't been confirmed by her or her team yet.

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