Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Next Up: + The Legend Girls In Hot Water Again

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Carly Rae Jespen. Carly has been in the NHO category before but she got put of it , but she landed right back in it as we barely hear of her or anything from her. Anyways this is her 3rd studio album titled "Sweet Canada" which obviously is honoring her home country.. Despite the fact that she is in the NHO category, she still has extremely loyal fans and believe it or not she actually passed NiNi and is now in first place. NiNi isn't too far behind though. Her first day sales are extremely impressive and she has a huge buzz with this album, mainly with Canadian sales of course. Click here for my full review, details, info and purchase links for "Sweet Canada" by Carly Rae Jepsen. In other news, speaking of Canada and Canadians, NiNi and China managed to end up in hot water once again and it's with that country. The legends girls performed in drake's hometown of Toronto and it didn't go well as someone threw a beverage on stage and splashed N and C, T wasn't hit. They all stooped the show and instead of trying to find the person who did it they just canceled it which left fans booing. Today NiNi and China Damm near at the same time tweeted "Fuck Canada" only difference is China posted a hashtag of #USA. Although their tweets received many likes and retweets, it also received many hateful tweets mostly from people in Canada responding like Fuck Americans and fuck America which had others from America take offense and respond to them and it just started a full war between our country and our sister country. Even some celebrities from Canada wasn't to pleaded with their tweet. Like Drake who tweeted "@NiNi @China not cool at all yall could've said fuck the show but to shame the whole country wasn't nessacary" China didn't respond to him but the queen did tweeting @Drake fuck you drake" He didn't respond to that.  Jessica Lowndes also may have responded as she is from Canada posting simply "SMH" but it's not clear if that was regarding something else. Justin Bieber may have also responded saying "I'm not from this country but I love it never said anything wrong about it even though even Americans find a million and one things wrong with it, but you go to a new country and shame it not knowing about it it's fucking shameless" Once again it does seem like he's referring to them 2 but he denied he was talking about them and said he didn't even know what was said and his response to it was "well that's their opinion can't force someone to like somewhere they're both grown woman what that gotta do with me? " but many feel he changed up because he realizes that NiNi can end his entire career with one snap of a finger.  Who knows. Other Canadian rappers or singers and fans have also been responding in a sub way but none of these tweets are confirmed to be directed at N and C. China has since deleted her tweet, NiNis tweet is still up and neither have issued an apology. Looks like they started a war between America and Canada which already had tensions. Stay tuned.

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