Thursday, October 8, 2015

Next Up: + The Bloody Enemies Are Finally Cool Again

Next up in the #OctoberReleases is number 3 Kat. Kats album was extremely anticipated and she is doing very well on first days sales coming in at second place (NiNi took her number one spot back and Carly went to 3rd place) This is her 7th PSR album titled "We All Win" and it's a pretty cool album produced entirely by herself. Click here to view my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "We All Win" by Kat. In other news, did any of you hate to see 2 of the biggest names on PSR fighting all the time? Well you're in luck and you're not gonna see it anymore (well hopefully anyway) Niq and China have ended their bloody feud and it was first confirmed on Niqs Insta page where she shared a pic of her and China hugged up with the caption #NoBadBlood. Then she really confirmed it today at her show in Miami where at the end she bought out China to help finish her last song and they hugged at the end of it sending the fans into a frenzy and they received a loud standing ovation. But what made them end their feud after how bloody it was. Apparently it was China who made the first move. Niq did an interview shortly after her show and she said "well she approached me and apologized for everything and that she was offering peace and whatnot and I just respected that. For her to be a real woman and own up and just throw it away shows alot and I have so much respect for women like that. We good never knew how cool she is (laughs) It's always good to see moments like this. Let's hope it stays. And let's hope the semi bloody beef with the queen and 5th Harmony will end like this too.

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