Friday, October 9, 2015

NiNi Suing And Being Sued + Next Up

The queen and a few other PSR artists are suing a popular clothes company for using their image and name without permission. The lawsuit includes NiNi, Lena, Keke, Kat and others and the company is using their images and names as designs on T-Shirts and other clothing such as one shirt that says "Lena" and another that has NiNis face with the caption "Platinum Queen" The lawsuit says that these images and names were used without permission as the company struck a deal with PSR a while back but they violated the contract by not paying mentioned names their fee for allowing it so the deal was cancelled but the company continues to use their image and names. Sources say the company have received multiple cease and desist orders to remove the products but they continue to make profits off of their products which is illegal and it's why they opened the lawsuit. The PSR crew is suing for violating a signed contract and profits received from an illegal way with no permission. The lawsuit is seeking 42 million dollars as that's how much the company has made off of their material without permission. There will be a court hearing on October 22nd. On the flip side, NiNi is also being sued due to not showing up at a show. It's a gay guy club and although NiNi supports the gay community she has been accused many times of supporting the gay females over males and it's been shown plenty of times by her facial expressions in "LWN" She is being accused of flaking out of the show even after she agreed to perform but once she found out it was a club for gay guys she backed out. Although the club promoters didn't give her an advance meaning they didn't pay her up front, they say they spent over 300,000 to prepare for her such as new speakers the nest mic and other things that she requires when she performs and they're  suing her for that amount. One promoter made a statement a female by the name of Kate who said "She was supposed to show up  at the club at 2am and she never showed never called to explain just flaked out. We feel she is uncomfortable with gay men and if that's the case she should've at least called to explain she isn't comfortable performing. At least at that time we could've retrieved most if not all the money we invested in her. The gay male community has also bashed her calling her a gay male homophobic which she has been called thousands of times before. Never has the female gay community called her a homophobic due to how much love she shows the women. They are seeking the 300 grand they invested in her back. NiNi has not responded yet. *Update* NiNi has responded to the lawsuit and she says she never even knew about it. She posted "I have no idea what everyone is talking about. I received no invitation to perform anywhere. My people would get @ me if I was scheduled to perform anywhere. I would've been thrilled to perform there because it's a legendary club no matter what kind of club it is. For those speaking ill on me saying I didn't show up because I found out its a gay male club let it be known and shown I have been there before....twice actually it's a very nice club. As Mentioned I wasn't scheduled to perform anywhere last night if I knew I was scheduled to perform there it would've been an honor. To those who are saying I have a problem with gay males, my assistant is a openly proud gay man and we are super close and hew my girlfriend so the shot you people say irks my soul. Tell the club I was never scheduled to perform there last night or any other night. But despite the bullshit mixup and threats of suing me, I still would be honored to perform there.  So #DropIt. The club sticks by their story that her team guaranteed that she will be performing and they aren't dropping the lawsuit. Stay tuned. In other news, Next up in the #OctoberReleases is Keke Palmer.  Miss Keke has been keeping super busy since she had her adorable baby. She's in a new show called "Scream Queens", she is on tour and she is literally all over the place. She has now surprised us with a highly anticipated album called "Majesty" which might be a dedication album since that's her son's name. It's pretty cool and she stole 3rd place. Click here for my full review, stats, info and I itched links for "Majesty" by Keke. Speaking of her, she is also scheduled to be in the new "Friday" movie called "Last Friday" as well as NiNi and Nicki which is dropping early 2016 so look out for that. ........

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