Friday, October 23, 2015

1st Diss To NiNi?? + Next Up

It's no secret that the boss and her most famous group Fi5th Harmony has major tension, but lately it began to cool down and talk of it died down as well but the girls may have just reignited it with their new song that dropped today titled "Hey Queen" Although they never once mention her by name, many N's attacked them due to them feeling like the song was a diss to NiNi and some of her "Numbers" Such as Dina rapping "so gon keep your numbers I got numbers in the bank" Another line from Sara goes "I keep it platinum you ain't platinum check your panties when you rapping" This is the most obvious because we all remember a couple days ago when NiNi was performing with T&C and all that bouncing around made her belt snap revealing no underwear underneath.  NiNi has not responded to the alleged diss but her fans sure as hell has and they have been bashing them all day........literally and they have responded.....well the loudmouth. ....I mean leader of the group did which is Dina saying "At the end of the day this is Hip-Hop anybody is up for grabs....if they took it as a insult or diss or whatever then that's them let them take it how they want" So as you can see they didn't actually say the song was for NiNi but they didn't bend over backwards to deny it either. We smell something interesting cooking up and the N's are literally dying to hear NiNis reply track and so are we. Click here to hear "Hey Queen" and judge yourself. And click here to see their interview addressing it. In other news it's almost the end of the #OctoberReleases but it's still going strong. Next up is Alexis Jordan with her 5th PSR album titled "In Love" which is clearly dedicated to her sweetie Kat. It's doing very well and she is in 3rd place. Click here to read my full review, get stats, info and purchase links for "In Love" by Alexis Jordan. P.S, speaking of her every media outlet and pap has been wondering if she's gonna stick up and be on the side of her sweetie even though she's super cool with KeKe and she had this to say "I'm not in anything I've already let her know that and she understands and neither one expects me to take either ones side it's awkward and it's weird for me because I'm with Kat and KeKe is like my sister so I'm not happy how it's going but really what can I do I tried to end it but you know female rivalry it has to heal itself" so don't expect to see a threesome beef.

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