Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No Biterness Or Tension Between NiNi And RiRi

The other night, RiRi performed with the legends and at the end she grabbed NiNis most famous asset and squeezed it hard enough to lift up the skirt she was wearing exposing......things. afterwards, NiNi pushed her off pretty hard and RiRi went tumbling down the stairs leading up to the stage. Afterwards, Reports of a beef about to start began circling around immediately and created the #Hashtag #BadGirlVsBadGirl. But as of today, you people can kill that Hashtag because it's no tension, in fact it's all love and even with love you have disagreements and whatnot. RiRi admitted today that she was a little upset after what NiNi did but she admitted she feels it was more of an embarrassment then anger and she isn't tripping at all and she admits she was wrong and NiNi had every right to do what she did. NiNi also spoke on it and said that with RiRi every woman should expect to get their as a grabbed or smacked as she did it to Nicki Amber Rose Beyonce and most recently Miley (yeah Miley) so you should expect it because it's just RiRi being RiRi. But she said although this isn't the first time RiRi went there went her, she caught her off guard it was unexpected and admits she may have overreacted. She also confirms too that there is no bad blood or tension between her and her rowdy artist ending the mini interview "RiRi is a notch she admits it anytime she can (laughs) and I love her she knows that what up humpty dumpty" So pretty cool they handled that like adults and it didn't escalate into a beef or a cat brawl. Click here to check out their mini street interviews squashing those annoying rumors.

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