Monday, August 25, 2014

Was Beyonce's Lovely Wife Gesture FAKE? For NiNi?

Yesterday, fans at the MTV VMA awards were touched when Queen B dedicated her performance to Jay-Z and afterwards bought both him and their daughter on stage with her. Sources have been reporting for the longest that B and Jay are not together or even married anymore, its obvious that B looks super uncomfortable whenever she is around him, and she basically confirmed it by not doing anything when her sister beat up Jay in the elevator in May. Furthermore, if you believe the weirdness out here, some say their "baby" is actually a baby doll, due to whenever he or she is carrying her, she never moves, she sits in one position all the time, and its always the same position, and that they don't even live together or actually associate with each other unless they're performing one of  their songs. Also, Jay has been seen with a baby boy and a woman at one point, but sources say they are putting on this married act because its talk that B actually likes NiNi (no I don't mean like as a person) I mean LIKE, and in order for NiNi not to face any heat or drama because of it, she is acting like she is totally in love with Jay in order to get people to stop talking. Sounds like something a bestie would do right? Here's our opinion, based on the fact that until they performed with NiNi the other day they haven't seen each other in months, and the fact that the chemistry between those two is so odd (B will pose with a pic with him and she looks so uncomfortable) we feel that they are not together anymore. However we don't believe they are acting because of NiNi. We don't believe that B likes NiNi in that way. In the music game, image is everything, and just like NiNi and Beith, they have a billion dollar image and they are a business and to keep it  that way, they have to put up with each other. We also don't think their baby is fake. NiNi and her best buddy aren't responding to any of these rumors so its all speculation at this point, but many people are absolutely convinced that she is faking it to cover something else up, and they say if you pay close attention, when he came on stage last night, she was super hesitant to hug him or even get close to him. Do you guys see that? and do you believe that she may be faking it to cover up? B liking NiNi is actually the lowest rumor out of them all, the other higher ones are about her and her status, so don't believe that NiNi rumor  because its the least talked about one, I just though I'd bring it up. NiNi has not been available for comment. *UPDATE* NiNi posted this to Twitter "hmm, first it's Jay Sean, then it's Wayne, then y'all even said Jay-Z, now its B? Really? She's a really good friend and that's all damn just stfu!" Told you! :)
B and Jay With With Their Daughter 2014 VMA's

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