Sunday, August 24, 2014

Azalea Banks Drops New Collab Song + Iggy Confirms VMA Spot

Azalea Banks (semi-never heard of category) has released a new song today Ft Mona L (semi never heard of) and A$AP Rocky (Also semi never heard of ) called "Fresh Like Me" They all rap on the song and Banks displays her usual New York potty mouth, and A$ap display his New York potty mouth as well. Mona keeps it street but she doesn't go as hard as the others. The song is now in the top 5 coming in at number 4, and its receiving general positive reviews and has a pretty big buzz. Click here to check out "Fresh Like Me" by Azalea Banks Ft Mona L and A$AP Rocky. In other news, Iggy Azelea is back on for the VMA's. She originally was supposed to appear and perform, but she fell off stage during one of her shows and injured herself, and it was said that she had to cancel her spot, but today she confirmed that she will in fact be appearing at the show tonight, it is unknown if she will be performing. P.S NiNi is also up for the Lifetime Achievement Award which is usually rewarded to artists who have been in the game for a long time like Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross people like that. It is the first time that a younger artist who has been in the game less then 10 years is nominated for that award. NiNi tweeted "Bad Bitch That's how I does lol, seriously though, I don't deserve that, give it to my girl Etta, she deserves it truly" Do you guys think that NiNi should win the Lifetime Achievement award?
Azalea Banks

Mona L

A$AP Rocky

Iggy Azalea

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