Sunday, August 24, 2014

NiNi Competes In Freestyle Battle With Eminem

NiNi and Eminem are cool, and they both will be at the awards tonight, but they decided to freestyle battle with each other at the request of Eminem. Everyone knows Eminem will lyrically murder you when it comes to music, but NiNi didn't back out, she accepted it and they had a real street battle on the streets of Inglewood around a crowd of people. They both went at each other hard, but Em didn't use no "B"words towards her at all. Honestly NiNi did amazing, but Eminem completely took the championship, and afterwards NiNi admitted that she was murdered. The crowd cheered louder for Em then they did for NiNi, although NiNi got much love from them. They both shook hands and hugged it out afterwards and Em congratulated her on being the best opponent he ever went up against. They both walked off and shook the fans hands. A fan recorded it on his phone, click here to check out the freestyle battle between NiNi and Eminem. That's all the news for today so far, check back soon.....