Thursday, August 28, 2014

Selena Makes Headlines With Her Latest Wardrobe Malfunction + Is Katy Perry Dating Riff Raff??

To normal people, a celebrity having a wardrobe malfunction is nothing but  to the perverts its the best  thing that can ever happen. Well looks like its alot of pervs out here because Selena's latest wardrobe malfunction has all the pervs talking. She stepped out today in Orlando Florida where she is at because of a show tonight and her butt crack was showing, this isn't her first malfunction, but its her most revealing one. Her jeans were slightly pulled down not intentionally obviously and she didn't have any panties underneath. You know when girls sit in a chair and their pants are all the way up and their butt shows? well imagine that standing up and walking. Camera's were snapping away, and all the time, Selena didn't realize it. She later posted "Damn why is my ass all over the place, ugh buncha pervs" Yup she's right because if you're gonna blow up a story over something as small as a wardrobe malfunction, I think she has many perv fans. Click here to check out pics of know.......In other news, sources say that Katy Perry is dating rapper (we call him the "wannabe rapper" Riff Raff" They appeared together on the VMA Red Carpet and they are seen with each other alot. Katy has once denied a relationship with him, saying they are just friends, but not even friends spend that much time with each other, so pretty much no one believes her. It was said at one point that Riff Raff was signing to PSR back in 2012 but NiNi went public and called him garbage. Riff responded to her and said that he can't even get mad or beef with her because he has too much love and respect for her. Shortly after that is when Katy and him began circulating, and many felt she was doing that just to get back at NiNi but since she became number 2, that's unlikely. Katy or Riff hasn't responded to these new dating rumors, do you guys think Katy and Riff are an item?
Katy And Riff Raff

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