Sunday, August 31, 2014

LisaRaye And DJ Quick Said To Be Collabing With NiNi

Its said that LisaRaye is not only in the works with Ali Larter to do a movie with NiNi, its also said that Lisa is also going to be collabing with NiNi along with DJ Quik. NiNi and LisaRaye were pretty much inseparable at the beginning of her career, but as NiNi blew up, and Lisa got married and dropped out kids, they went separate and NiNi got close with Gaga, but it's now said those two are getting back close again, and NiNi asked her to collab with her. LisaRaye is more known as an actress rather then a singer, but it is a few songs she released back in 2007 and they got very good attention, so she isn't bad. DJ Quik is said to have been hitting NiNi up for the longest to do a collab, but she never got back to him, but since she needs two people for this new collab, she decided to finally hit him up and he is now on board. It is not known when this collab will be dropping, but people are looking forward to it because its different and we're looking for different styles from NiNi. It is said that the collab is in the process of being made right now, so we'll see. Are you guys looking forward to it? *UPDATE* It has been confirmed that NiNi will in fact be collabing with LisaRaye and DJ Quik, and she will be starring in an upcoming movie with Lisa and Ali Larter. AWESOME!

DJ Quik


johnny1 said...

that should b a cool song

johnny1 said...

not if quik is on it that nigga sucks