Sunday, February 23, 2014

NiNi's Doctor Pulls A Miracle!!!!!!!!!!!

After the announcement earlier today of NiNi's passing, the entire country went into a state of shock and chaos. Sources said that thousands of fans committed suicide and committed murder and some celebrities had to be put on suicide watch and many PSR artists broke down and went absolutely crazy.  But the doctor was feeling major pain himself and he decided to beat the odds and take it upon himself to try and resuscitate NiNI despite the fact that her body was transferred to the morgue and she officially was gone for over 2 hours. Quietly,  he took her out the morgue and took  her to the ICU operating room and went to work. He used an electroshock treatment to get her heart pumping again and he injected her with isoprosis AKA liquid adrenaline as well as other liquids to get the electricity in her brain to go to her heart. He was committed to saving everyone's favorite queen and after all the injections and shock treatments of up to 375cc's her heart started to beat very very slowly and he quickly strapped her up with an oxygen mask and an IV drip and injected her with more adrenaline. After 25 more minutes, her heart began beating a little faster and he took some celebrities to the side and told them but he asked them not to cause a scene or tell anyone just yet as the first 30 minutes after you resuscitate someone its still touch and go and they can go back under. After 30 minutes her heart started beating a little stronger and the doctor addressed the chaotic scene going on inside and outside the hospital and this is what he said 'People please listen, I was able to resuscitate Miss NiNi, her vital signs are still very weak but she is in the Intensive Care Unit receiving specialized medical attention. I will continue to do my best to ensure we do not lose her again, at this time I ask that you respect her privacy and let us work, we will continue to work on her until she is 100%" After this statement everyone cheered outside and inside it sounded like a concert, and although people were still crying they had huge smiles on their faces. Everyone was hugging and praying and everyone tried to get in to see her but doctors postponed any more visits until tomorrow and even then visits will be shorter. I am now over here and the streets are packed with thousands of screaming crying cheering fans, models, dancers industry insiders paparazzi everyone. The doctor is being praised by everyone for his heroic actions and he is being called a hero and a life saver literally, thousands of media and news outlets want an interview with him and this has pushed him straight into fame, but his response is "I ask for no reward no fame no anything, just doing my job" but no one looks at it like that. Sources say some PSR artists hugged him so hard that his bones almost broke, yes everyone is super happy including myself.  I will try to get more info tonight but if not definitely tomorrow I will keep you guys updated throughout the day, but THE QUEEN IS BACK! Just keep praying guys!

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johnny1 said...

Omg I am so emotional nini is a big part of me when I heard this earlier I passed out and almost jumped into the street in front of a truck my heart hurted and I couldn't stop throwing up. Now he says she's back n I still can't stop crying im so scared we're gonna lose her again