Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keri Hilson New Song + Justin Beiber And Miranda Linked

Today Keri Hilson dropped a new song today titled "Cherry Bomb" despite the fact that it sounds like it may be a nasty song its not its more of a love song. She's by herself on the song she sings wonderfully and its full R&B. Its doing very well being most popular with women in the 17-25 age group especially those with boyfriends. The song is produced by solo and co produced by Nini and it is at number 3 on every chart. Click here to check out "Cherry Bomb" by Keri Hilson. In other news miranda cosgrove had her beautiful little girl late last year by Harry from one direction which is an ex psr group. But shortly afterwards the two broke up and now she is linked to Justin beiber and multiple sources say she is pregnant with his baby. She wears baby belts all the time and she takes alot of days off from PSR but they both have denied that they are in a relationship. But no one believes it because that's exactly what her and Harry said at first and then when she got pregnant they announced their relationship. Even people close to Miranda think she's pregnant in fact she fired her own manager for saying that he feels she's pregnant she sleeps alot she has terrible mood swings she eats alot and has weird cravings but its a beautiful thing and within 1 day later we learned she fired him and that makes it even more suspicious. Nobody is confirming anything though so all we can do is wait it out and if or when we get more Info we'll let you know. And speaking of Miranda and Keri remember they both have new albums coming early next month!


johnny1 said...

Miranda is interested in some ugly guys

johnny1 said...

Don't even talk about beiber cuz one day that chicks gonna be hot lmao

johnny1 said...

Lmao that was funny u stupid man he does look like a girl