Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nini Is Once Again A Person Of Interest

Once again police are looking to talk to nini in another attempted murder case. And the person who is in the hospital this time is JLo. Jennifer Lopez. JLO was discovered by her husband when he returned home from a ice cream trip with their 2 children. She was badly beaten but there were no signs of forced entry which means she must have knew her attacker and let the person in willingly. Jlo was rushed to the hospital in terrible condition at about 8pm last night and in addition to being in a coma she also has a severe concussion several broken bones massive brain bleeding damage to her internal organs and a punctured eye ball as well as a broken jaw. Doctor's expect her to survive but they say she will need much physical therapy and training to make a full recovery. Being that the nature of her injuries match exactly what Nini does the cops immediately suspected her and they have said she is their main person of interest and they would like to ask her questions.  Most recently nini and her girls have gotten im trouble about lying to officers about there whereabouts while toya got the exact same beating and she was charged with toyas attempted murder. She went to court and she was convicted of violation of probation or which she was sentenced to 24 hours in prison which she completed and she was also convicted of attempted murder which she received an extra 21 years of probation. The lying to officers charge was dropped. This time if nini is convicted of another attempted murder charge the deal that she made with prosecuters will be forefitted and she may go to jail for over 32 years. The judge told her I'm quite family tired of seeing you in the courtroom I've been as fair as I have ever been with you apparently you do not appreciate it nor do you count your lucky blessings. The next time you stand here in front of me I will have no choice to make sure you do some serious time. Now that jlo got this police immediately are trying to lock nini up for it. They have no evidence or witnesses yet but they are confident that Nini is their target and they want to find out her whereabouts for yesterday between 7and 9pm. They advise her to bring her lawyer go the station just for the purpose of questioning she is not under arrest at this time. Nini has not responded to their request as of yet. This story is still developing I will give you more details as they emerge!

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