Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Puts Her Issues With The Queen To The Side

As you all know Lindsay Lohan and Nini have always been at war if you want to call it that mostly because Lindsay never kept her mouth shut and always had something to say about her and Amanda Bynes. But today she said how ridiculous all that was. She said "I gotta admit I was messed up for a while I was on any drug you can imagine I was drunk for 48 maybe 67 hours straight sometimes so I was  never myself but for the first time in a long time I feel so much better and alot of tensions came to alot of people from that mostly Nisha and Amanda and to both I would like to apologize I was a mess I would like to start over with both of them" Click here to check out everything she had to say. In other news, Tamar Braxton has released her 1st PSR MIXTAPE titled "One For The Road" its doing pretty well in the music world. Click here to purchase "One For The Road" by Tamar Braxton. Also Nini was spotted entering the downtown Chicago police station with her lawyer. They were inside approximately 32  minutes and when they came out camera crews were all over the place trying to get a statement but she denied any comments. But they kept pushing up on her and it got so bad that some of the officers had to come out and help her get back into her limo. But just a little while ago she posted this on her website. "The police the mayor the government and the entire damn city of Chicago has a genuine beef with me. Every damn thing that happen its like yo let's go fuck with Nini I guess it's my fault that motherfuckers getting killed everyday or chicks lose their babies or people getting robbed go head dump the world's trash on me y'all fucking pigs know what y'all can kiss"Nini doesn't have many rants in fact this is only her 3rd one throughout her entire career so when she has one we know she must be genuinely upset. But obviously the cops go to her site as the cheif made a statement saying that its was just questions they have to do their job. Once again stay tuned for more info on this developing story!

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