Friday, February 14, 2014

Ninis Album Continues To Dominate + Most Nastiest Video Ever

Its been 2 weeks exactly since ninis super xrated album "24" released and it is now the number 1 album on the planet and with the major attraction of the battle it skyrocketed her success and popularity to another dimension!  She is now past any number that exists which she is so famous for and the album gets good reviews from everyone around the world. But the NAA the people who certify albums still warn fans that although the album is very successful and popular it most definitely is not for children she is the first to have a triple parental advisory sticker on her album by the board committee and all preparations are being made to ensure that no children get their hands on it and any store who is caughtselling this album to a minor faces a fine and possible loss of their store license. Never before has a music album had to have this much restrictions but some sacrifices must be made for the grown and sexy right. And speaking of grown and sexy nini released her 3rd video today out the 24 she said she's releasing. It's the video for the song "The Kind Of Girl You Like" and yes this video is the hottest thing we've seen in a long time but also the most dirtiest. There's all kinds of things going on in the video such as nini rolling around in mud with a thong and a tiny bra and bending over with her butt all the way in the sky smacking her own butt. It's a scene where she pours chocolate sauce all over her boobs and rubs it all in and the most dirtiest scene is when she's laying in bed under the covers and similar to K. Michelle its implied that she is playing with herself by the faces she's making as if she's moaning and at the end of the scene she sucks her two fingers and smiles. Yes guys she definitely showed her extra freaky side in this video and we see we probably don't know the new Nini as much as we think. The video is very popular why wouldn't it be it hasnt been banned yet though surprisingly and BET premiered it today but they edited out the xrated masturbation scene. Its doing well and it has over 67 million views and comments on YouTube. Celebs have commented on the video as well such as Nicki who comments "Damn girl lol" Click here to check out the full xrated unedited version of Ninis video for "The Kind Of Girl You Like" (WARNING THIS VIDEO IS EXTREMELY SEXUAL AND HAS VERY GRAPHIC SEXUAL SCENES PLEASE BE 18 OR OVER TO WATCH IM NOT KIDDING. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOUR PARENTS BUST IN AND SEE YOU WATCHING IT ONCE AGAIN DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IF YOU'RE UNDER 18!!)

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