Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 6: Miley Dedicates Her Show To NiNi!

Today is the 6th day of NiNi being in the hospital. Doctors say that NiNi is still up which is what everyone wants to hear but she sleeps a lot which is to be expected until she starts recovering more and more but its a real promising sign. The fans continue to line up outside the hospital showing their support, but the celebrities have to get back to work and hold it down for PSR, and today Miley did her first show in 6 days in Daytona Beach Florida and she performed her new song "I Adore You' and she dedicated it to NiNi. Before the song started she took the mic and screamed "NiNi you gotta get your ass out that hospital, come on this stage and kill it with me!  this is for you mama!" The crowd went wild and everyone chanted NiNi!, NiNi! until the song began, it was a touching moment. She isn't the only one though, Katy Perry has also dedicated her performance to NiNi at her show in Manhattan New York this afternoon and she said "This goes to my girl, my homie, my mentor, my friend:  the one and only NiNi" the crowd there went wild there too, and she performed a few of her new songs which are basically appropriate for a dedication to NiNi as they are about surviving staying strong, getting back up if you get knocked down and don't let anyone make you quit, and that also was a really moving performance. I was able to obtain both of the shows in the form of video clips from my buddy. Click here to check out Miley's dedication performance and click here to check out Katy's dedication performance! PSR seems to be slowly getting back to work, the label has been empty for the past 5 days so we can imagine that they have a lot to catch up on, but they're back on it. Meanwhile, today no visitors are being accepted at least not yet, as they just want NiNi to have one day of rest without a bunch of people coming in and out of the room which is totally understandable and everyone agrees, the visitation will continue tomorrow. So far Katy and Miley are the only two from PSR who have been out and about and doing things, but sources say mostly, if not all of them are back to work so whatever Info I get on any PSR business and artists I will let you guys know, and anymore NiNi info I get you will hear that as well!


johnny1 said...

That's sweet

johnny1 said...

Im glad she's still up tht is a great sign hope she stays up for good

johnny1 said...

we all do