Friday, February 21, 2014

Nini Has A Terrible Accident!!

We are getting multiple information from multiple sources that Nini was involved in a 5 or 6 car accident early this morning on highway 175 in Atlanta Georgia as she was on her way home from the Brit Awards last night. Police aren't releasing much details but sources say that sometime after 530am a witness reported seeing a naked man yelling at the sky and he ran onto the highway and darted in front of the car that Nini and her driver James Basset.  Instantly her driver tried to swerve around him and he turned the wheel hard left sbd the car tipped over and flipped 5 times until finally coming to a stop when it smashed against the concrete bridge. Other cars tried to swerve around ninis car but they weren't quick enough and they too crashed and some flipped. The naked man jumped off the bridge and went almost 100 ft down and he fell on the rocks next to the water he died instantly. Ninis driver James Basset died on impact and police confirmed 10 more deaths including a 36 year old woman and her 6 year old son a 19 month old baby girl a 27 year old man as well as a dog after the car caught fire and they were unable to escape. Nini was thrown from the car when it flipped and sources say after 10 minutes ambulances arrived and transferred her to the local hospital. It is unknown where she is being held at the moment nor do we know how serious her injuries are. This story is all over the place nobody is answering any questions or talking to the media at all but sources say PSR is empty today. This is breaking news and its on virtually on every news outlet but they too are trying to get more information. We'll keep you Guys updated when we Get more info. *Update* Many PSR artists were seen going to the Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta Georgia. Just a few minute's ago Selena Gomez was seen going in and she denied to answer any questions. Within minutes after finding out where Nini is located at millions of fans lined up outside with get well soon signs flowers balloons and other items. They were denied entry to see her and police had to be called to keep the humongous crowd at bay. They did not have to leave but they had to move back as they were blocking the entrance. A nurse talked to a paparazzi cameraman and she commented on her condition. She said "Miss Nini was brought into the medical center around 6am this morning after a car accident. She was thrown out of the back window at a speed of about 70 MPH and she has shattered some bones including her wrist bone her leg bones and some bones in her fingers. She also has 3 broken ribs a dislocated shoulder and collar bone as well as numerous scratches and bruises on her head and face area. She is in what we believe is a shock induced coma which simply put means the shock from the accident caused her body to go into a state of hypoglycemic shock and shut itself down. We have performed a small repair operation on her which was a success. Its still too early to tell but she is getting around the clock supervision and the best medical treatment. That's all I can comment on at this time. When fans heard this many of them cried and they all lit candles and sang and prayed holding hands together for her to get better. Even an officer had small tears in his eyes. The celebrities who entered the hospital have been in for over an hour and it is unknown who else is inside. Nini is my friend so I have to head over there and show my support as well. Whatever info I can dig up while im over there I'll let you guys know. Stay tuned and pray for Nini

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