Saturday, February 15, 2014

Keke Palmer Carly Rae Jepsen Collab + Weezy Seriously Upset After Being Denied Entry At PSR

Today a new song dropped by Keke Palmer titled "Im On My Own" which features Carly RaeJepsen. Its a nice mix of hip hop along with some dance and pop. Its doing well but at the same time Its struggling to climb the charts as its been at number 12 all day but its still a really cool song. Click here to check out "Im On It"' by Keke Palmer Ft Carly Rae Jepsen. In other news today Weezy showed up at the PSR building today. He was greeted by two very large security guards who asked him what his business was. He replied what the hell is it to you and he tried to walk through and they grabbed him and said sorry bro we can't let you in. Weezy looked at them up and down and said if you put your hands on me again its gonna be alot of things you can't do im here to see Nisha so fuck up out my way before y'all be out of a job by tomorrow. They replied we need the permission of miss Nisha beforehand and she didn't give us any heads up that you were coming so you can take it up with her but we cant and we won't let you in. A small argument popped off and it ended when they told him to  get off the property or they will call the police. He was screaming out y'all niggas wilin fuck that and he hopped back into his limo and pulled off. A fan who was across the street recorded it on his camera. Its actually pretty funny just by how Wayne was acting not to mention that ridiculous outfit he had on. How you gonna make threats sbd yell at people wearing yellow butterflies lol. My bad Weezy its all love I just had to say that. Click here to check the video out


johnny1 said...

Johnny stupid lol

johnny1 said...

Lmao Weezy Weezy Weezy you stupid little crackhead lol

johnny1 said...

Alot more strict I see wish ur damn shows were like that