Friday, February 14, 2014

Ashanti Wants To Collab With Mr Nini + Nini Has A Vday Contest

Today after being asked in an interview who's her next collab buddy she replied "Im not sure but I want to do a record with Nisha's husband he's really dope to me I think it'll be a wonderful record and I love to work with talented people so that's definitely something I want to do some time  in the near future " But as usual with that statement came drama as someone who as always is desperate for a story ran a false story that she wants him to be her Valentine. Ashanti had to quickly respond to it saying "No no I never said that I just want to record a song with him im blessed to have my own Valentine " We think the same thing Ashanti thinks if they record together it will blow up. Hopefully that does happen in the future. Speaking of Valentine's day PSR has the vday fever almost all the women dressed in vday colors and giving cards and assigning other people as their valentine for the day. And nini announced a short contest for vday. The challenge is to remix her most popular song from her album "24" which is "Make Me Wet" the best remix to the song wins Nini as their friend Valentine for 30 minutes but that's not in person its 30 minutes talking yo her over Skype and they'll also receive a big box of candy. But this time its no physical hanging out with her like she used to do but hey the chance to see nini one on one over Skype is still a pretty good deal. Thousands of submissions have already been sent but  only one can win. The rules are you must be 18 or over you can be male or female. You are bot to think you are her official Valentine as she's married remember its only a friend valentine. You are not to speak about sex whether it be sex with her or getting fresh period. If you do the Skype call will be terminated immediately and you will not get your box of chocolates. And lastly only a friendly conversation can take place so talking about her body her videos how good she looks in her latest video or comments on her in a sexual manner are not accepted. Once again only a friendly conversation for 30 minutes exactly. And of course do not Ask to see her children or her husband that will cause the video call to be terminated as well. So if you guys agree with the rules go for it god luck everyone. The contest ends tonight at midnight and the winner will be announced tomorrow. The Skype call will take place for the lucky winner at 7pm tomorrow night and the box of candies will be delivered to you within 2 days depending on where you live. Once again good luck everyone!

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