Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nini's Dope New Song!

Happy thanksgiving guys! And today Nini has given us a sweet treat to enjoy before dinner and dropped a new song titled 'Cool' which features Jay Z Beyonce TYGA And Weezy all on the same song. The song is bomb and it has stolen the number 1 spot which was "Cant See Me"which is now at number 2. Tyga, Weezy and Jay Rap on the song, Nini Rap/Sings on it and B sings on it but in a fierce fast kinda way and the track is produced by Miranda Cosgrove who did amazing with the beat. The song is currently the most popular song out right now and it crashed the PSR site and its still crashed to this very moment with over 100 billion downloads within 28 minutes which is a new record for any song ever! You guys can check out the mega hit song "Cool" by clicking here. The queen is off today and pretty much every PSR artist is, so it may not be any info today although KC does have a show in her hometown of Oakland CA later on tonight if you want to check that out, but of course if I get any info so will you guys, Peace and enjoy your turkey day!!!!


johnny1 said...

that song is so bomb omg im officially in love

johnny1 said...

That's like the best song I.ever heard in my life all good choices for the features Nini