Friday, November 23, 2012

Nini Gets Demi Lovato!

This morning, the queen has signed yet another artist to PSR and she is 20 year old new mexico artist and best friend of Selena Gomez Demi Lovato. Seems as if Nini is sweeping up all the really big talented artists and adding them to her roster which is fabulous. Demi has been signed to a 2 year 58 milion dolar deal with the label and she is the most happiest artist in the world by now as judging by her tweet early this morning where she said "OMG Just take a guess which label I signed with, too late its the platinum crew! Nini Selena Cymphonique, Ye, Big Sean Miley all the biggest names of that label are my new partners and that is sweeter than cake yay!" Many of her fans, in fact all 200 million of them are super excited at her new switch from Mic Records to PSR and not only them but other fans of PSR and Nini are happy about the new artist. No crashes on twitter or google, but still many many searches on that topic and we must say we are excited too. In other news we are told that a 3 some fight popped off between miranda cymphonique and beauty after an argument between the 3 but we still arent sure yet but we will let you guys no comments are screwy right now sorry!

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