Monday, November 19, 2012

Nini's SHOW Last Night

Last night was Nini's show at the Trump Music PALACE In Sin City Las Vegas Nevada. It started at 8pm on the dot, and over 190,000 N's and Bees were there to enjoy the show including us. It started with Can't See Me" which the guest was Jay-Z and they killed it as usual. Then NINI kept up with her promise and she began performing songs from her new mixtape "Do Me" which is our favorite song and Miley Cyrus came out as she is featured in that song and They killed that. Next was Cancel That Bitch" which SOLO Is featured and she came out and helped her with it. This whole time B took a break and let Nini perform her songs with her guests or by herself. Nini performed a total of 6 new songs from her mixtape and we all enjoyed every single one of them. After she was done with her new songs, the other queen came back out to finish up with her and the last 2 songs was "Chocolate" and "Who Do It This Fresh" and they ended the show with "I LOVE YOU VEGAS" and they exploded with a bomb that went off and disappeared off stage which is alwaycool to see. They had no backstage autographs, although they did sign a couple autographs on their way out and they went their separate ways. The show went well as usual and they killed it as usual and we would like to say congrats. Check out the video clip of the entire performance by clicking here. In other news, a rumor is spreading that Nini and PSR artist Diamond had a fight this morning, but that's all we know, we don't know why or if its even true, but everyone is saying that it happened but we have to find out whats up and we will let you guys know!


johnny1 said...

awesome show guys really

johnny1 said...

i heard nini beat diamonds ass i kinda believe that

johnny1 said...

me 2