Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Queens Cancel Show + Lady Gaga Calls Out Beith

Tonight the queens took the stage together side by side and B said guys can I ask a personal favor? Everyone screamed ands cheered as everyone thought they were about to start a comedy skit, but she said "Myself and nini really arent feeling up to this tonight we both had terrible days today and we're just not feeling it, so can you guys agree to come back on our make up day? The crowd showed tons of support and some fans were saying things like yeah you guys should go rest you deserve it we'll come back whenever" B said thank you so much guys" and they both blew kisses at the crowd and walked backstage. Nini didn't say a word the entire time she was up there B did all the talking, but fans myself included were very understanding despite coming out and dealing with that crowd for nothing which goes to show you that they both have some pretty loyal fans. The make up for this show will be tomorrow same place same time so make sure you hold on to the tickets and the make up for Arlington's show will be Friday so hope you still have those tickets! In other news Lady Gaga said this is a statement "I'm starting a new label and I want beith to be my first artist have you actually heard that kids music, that would be a great addition, and besides he's a man he acts like a bitch being with that woman of his she got him wrapped I can change all of that I can have him wrapping people around his fingers, Nini can come too if she wants but she will let him do him period" WE JUST KNOW That statement has Nini hot, but she hasn't spoke up on anything as of yet. Speaking of Beith alot of PSR artists are being asked about him but not in a bad way such as Katy Perry last night after her show where they asked "Do you know Beith?" she replied "No sorry I don't only spoke to him once"then they asked would you record a song with him" she replied "Yes but I would have to get permission first just out of respect I wouldn't want to do anything behind her back" shes not the only one DIAMOND KC KAT CYMPHONIQUE OMG GIRLZ TIP WEEZY YE BREEZY GUYANA TIFFANY EVANS LEONA LEWIS KID SISTER KELLY CLARKSON EVAN ROSS SOLO CHRISTINA AGUILERA AND EVEN TOYA AND B ALL HAVE BEEN ASKED ABOUT HIM AND THEY ALL EITHER SAY THEY DON'T KNOW HIM AT ALL OR THEY ONLY KNOW OF HIM OR THEY REFUSE TO SPEAK ON IT. The question is why is everyone asking about Beith and more importantly how do the PSR artists feel on keep on getting questioned about their bosses husband. Not sure but we'll find out. Peace!

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