Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Taylor Swift Denies Disrespecting Nini

This afternoon, Taylor swift has denied disrespecting Nini in an interview. "I never did an interview for fancy magazine, my managers warned me about them, and apparently someone is just trying to start up some nonsense, but myself and Nini knows how all this works and we will be the bigger people and walk away" said Taylor on a live statement. The thing is though, everyone over at Fancy Magazine says they never ran a story like that, and they wouldn't have done it anyway unless it was true, but regardless it doesn't matter anyway! In other news, Nini was spotted in Seaside Heights for an autograph signing and also arranging for her show which will be out there tonight at 8pm. Thousands lined up for an autograph but only hundreds got it as she was strapped for time, and her manager Johnny had to call it quits after an hour, but she did promise seaside that she will be doing more tonight after the show. The special guests tonight are confirmed to be China, Miranda COSGROVE, LOLA MONOROE, JAY-Z, KEKE PALMER, AND THE OMG GIRLZ. So make sure you catch this show its supposed to be explosive! See you guys there! Ill let you know all about it! Peace! P.S Nini released a new pair of sneakers to the PW line called "Platinum Kicks" she says they are still in the rough draft but they still look good and they are a cross combo between Nike and air Jordan's  and they will be on sale next week for only 29.99 check them out here

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