Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christina Milian Speaks Up For The Boss

For months, no that doesn't sound right...... for years the media has been saying that Nini overworks her artists and doesn't pay them what they are owed so she can keep it and threatens them to make them realize they wont find anyone else or another label like PSR. But today PSR artist Christina Milian said "I don't speak up much on Nini cuz she always says she can speak for herself, but its just one thing that has been bothering me and that's all this drama about she overworks us and this and that, and its so far from the truth, like honestly its so many different stories about that that no one knows what they are believing anymore and its ridiculous but no matter what stories go around nothing is true, that's all I really have to say about that, she's not only my boss but she's my girl and I don't really like people to speak up on her like that without knowing her" for the people who care, She also confirmed rumors of her sexuality and she confirmed that she is not gay like the rumors say, but she is bisexual and she does like women although she says she never actually had a real serious relationship with a woman. Christina's first PSR album, which is the album she was working on when she was with YOUNG MONEY is almost done and she said it will be dropping either mid or the end of December so make sure you look out for that! In other news, Nini had an autograph signing today in CAMBRIDGE MASSACHUSETTS which went well with no incidents. Nini also confirmed that she will NOT be attending Obama's presidential election campaign as she feels she quote "has done enough to help him win" but she does send her best wishes to him for the election which is November 6th. Who are you guys voting for?


johnny1 said...

that is annoying that people keep comparing her to her fat ass old boss columbus im sick of hearing that

johnny1 said...

shes a celeb shes gonna go thru that kinda stuff yall should kno that by now

johnny1 said...

so what that dont make it right