Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jaleel White Denies 4 Some Affair With Nini Hubby and Ramon

Jaleel White, the very popular Steve Urkel character from the 90's TV show "Family Matters" has addressed a rumor today that says he Nini Beith and Nini's bodyguard Ramon had a 4some affair with each other and another girl who's white. He said "Uh I'm here to clear up the recent rumors about me and some foursome situation, its a disgusting rumor and it is not true, I never had the pleasure to meet Nini or her husband at all, but when and If I ever get to meet them it sure will not be that way" Jamie Foxxworth the little girl who played Judy Winslow on the same show who's a porn star now was also put in a rumor with Nini a few days ago which says they had sex on several occasions and Now Jaime wants Nini to leave her husband for her, but Jaime has also spoken out today on that,  and she said "MANY PEOPLE THINK BECAUSE I'M IN THE ADULT BUSINESS NOW THAT ITS OK TO LINK ME TO ANY AND EVERYONE, REGARDLESS ITS JUST ACTING AND BUSINESS, ITS NO DIFFERENT FROM THE RAPPERS OR SINGERS OR DANCERS JUST NUDE, AND AS FAR AS ME AND NINI GOES, THAT HASN'T HAPPENED AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL HAPPEN, I NEVER MET HER, I DON'T KNOW HER, I'M A FAN, BUT THAT'S ALL IT IS" When she was asked if she would actually have sexual relations with Nini she replied "no comment" Nini has been linked to having sex with many women over the past month including PSR artist K. Michelle, PSR artist Briana Perry, Presidential Artist Katy Perry, Toya, Mimi, KC, rhi rhi, Nicki Minaj and even Azelia Banks, but every last artist has denied any relationship besides a professional one with Nini, so far Nini has not responded to anything. Thats all for now, Peace!


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that nigga still look like a nerd lol

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