Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nini's Show Last Night In Seaside

Last night was Nini's show down the jersey shore in seaside heights at 830pm there were alot of guests but The main special guests were China, Miranda COSGROVE, LOLA MONOROE, JAY-Z, KEKE PALMER, THE OMG GIRLZ, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez. The show lasted for 2 hours and this time they didn't do any of their regular songs that they usually do except for Cant See Me. They had no comedy skit for this show and they went way back to Soldier for the first song and they bought out Kelly, MICHELLE and solo to help them with that song as well as TIP and Weezy who actually did amazing. Then the song switched to my homies still remix with the video playing on the back drop screen behind them and Nini totally killed it weezy did his part well also, big Sean was back tracked as he's over in Europe doing his shows. Rihanna came out and stole the show during "Run this town" along with YE who is still in recovery but he sure put it down last night even with a cast over his arm. All the artists were on the stage and everyone killed it. Other songs that were performed were "Make it rain" "Who Do It This Fresh" Diamond came out seriously sexy. "Hurricane" which is Nini and Ri Ri's song which they both killed it. "Empire State Of Mind Remix" which Alicia keys came out to help with. And even "I Am Music" which Lil Mama came out to help Nini and Weezy with as she is in that song and although its old it still bangs heavy. Everyone got to show off their talents last night and its like we got 18 shows from 18 different people for the price of one which was cool. The entire show was fire and Nini proved once again why shes the queen and she out staged everyone up there which Star even admitted after the show saying "That was like the most fun show I ever did, just working with the girl is a blessing, she outstaged all of us though which is how it normally goes anyway (laughs) we agree with that but at the same time we feel they all did a wonderful job especially weezy ye and ri ri. Vanessa China And Selena Were cool too. I wasn't able to get the whole show due to my camera dying but i got half and you can check it out here In other news, Britney spears has said that Nini's fashion sense is incredible and she has launched a campaign telling people to buy her clothes and support Platinum Wear. She also said that all she wears is PW material now and she would like to work with her in the fashion world one day "With her incredible talent and my amazing creativity when it comes to fashion we can take the fashion world by storm, holla @ me sweetie we can be partners, I think you'll like my ideas cuz i like yours" Says Britney. Many say that it would not be a terrible idea as Britney is the only celeb besides Nini who actually has very good clothes and she has made a fortune with her line and it is as big as Nini's PW line, but then many people say she just wants to use her but Britney has shut that down saying "No that's not true, how can I use her when I say she can keep all the money, I just would love the pleasure to work with her long term, our song we did was cool and I'm grateful that I ever got to work with her, but it wasn't enough" What do you guys think?

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