Monday, October 29, 2012

Nini's Bodyguard Killed Today!

This afternoon, Nini was out in Houston doing autographs and a white man approached Nini and said "its nice to meet you Nini, I'm a huge fan" Nini replied "Thank you so much" they began laughing and playing around with each other and he playfully punched her arm and said "You go girl" (yes he was gay) For some reason, Nini didn't take offense to it because he was playing and it didn't hurt, but Nini's bodyguard Justin must have thought he was trying to hurt her and he rushed over and straight up punched the man and the man fell hard "He yelled Never touch nINI You bastard!" NINI said "are you outta your fucking mind" The man then got up and said "Dude what the hell i was just playing" The bodyguard said "Yeah yeah get outta here man" and he pushed the guy once again and he almost fell, then the white guy pushed Nini out the way so she wouldn't get hurt, Nini fell on the ground and he pulled out a 44 handgun and shot her bodyguard 2 times in the chest and the face. The crowd of people ran away, and Nini was looking surprised and shocked and horrified. The cops ran over and grabbed the guy, but he put the gun to his head and looked at Nini and said "Thank you so much for the autograph, I'm so sorry for ruining your day" and he pulled the trigger and his brains splattered all on the sidewalk and him as well as Nini's bodyguard were pronounced dead at the scene. Cops quickly picked up Nini and  asked her if she needed medical treatment and she was crying but she denied it, and they called her another limo driver and Ramon came and picked her up and drove her away while ambulances arrived and covered the 2 bodies with body bags. Later on it was revealed that the white guy suffered bipolar and schizophrenia and the body guard was only making it worse, and although he knew what he was about to do medical professionals say that he probably couldn't control his self, but he did know right from wrong due to the fact that he pushed nini out the way so she wouldnt get hurt by him accidentally shooting her. Nini was not and still is not available for comment on this situation, but we are told she is fine and although it seems the storm is not coming to Arlington Tonight she still has cancelled both shows for tonight. IN OTHER NEWS, the rumor about RI RI taking B's spot is false as Rhianna has said "I'm not taking her spot, I will be performing with them on November 2nd for that night only that's all, I never said that someone has to go I don't know where that came from" so make sure you check out that show on the 2nd!

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