Monday, October 29, 2012

Is Nini Gonna Be A Feature In The Put It Down Remix?

Word is that the queen will be featured in the remix to Brandy's song "Put It Down" which originally features PSR artist Breezy, and the remix is said to be Brandy Ft Nini Breezy and Kat, Obviously many people (including us) are super excited about that since the original version did so well, but at this point we aren't sure if that's even happening, but what we do know is that Nini will be featured in the remix to Monica spears song "Hold It Down For Me" which will also feature Jay Z and Weezy and that is coming in the next few days unless of course theres a delay, so we cant wait 4 that one either. In other news, Nini has said she will be performing tomorrow and she will be making up both shows in Arlington sometime next week so I hope you guys held onto your tickets!

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johnny1 said...

I hope that is true that would be a dope collab