Monday, August 17, 2015

PSR Drama Getting Dangerous Other Artists Planning An Intervention

The 3some PSR beef is beginning to get dangerous as the two main ones Niq and China bumped into each other earlier today and Niq ended up stabbed in the arm. It's unclear who stabbed her because it was other people involved in the brawl. It started when N, T and C showed up in Virginia to prepare for their show tonight. They did some signings and photos with fans but unfortunately Niq was around too not knowing they were there and scheduled at the same place same time. NiNi immediately spotted Niq and fans reported she had a "oh shit" type of look on her face, then T spotted her and got the same look. China didn't notice her yet so N and T tried to prevent C from seeing her but eventually she spotted her and got a disgusted look on her face. It's unclear how the fight started but witnesses report that when going inside the building Niq and China bumped into each other either purposely or due to the crowd and entrance being small for all to enter at once but the witnesses say they started brawling shortly after. NiNi Tinashe security and fans all tried to break them up with no success and the fight went on for over 8 minutes until large amounts of blood was seen leaking from Niq. They finally broke the two up and it was discovered Niq had a large dash in her arm from what looked like a knife. The ambulance was immediately called and China was put in handcuffs. It was some debate because no one saw China with a knife and due to everyone trying to break it up it couldve been a fan possibly on China's side (you know those PSR fans are offense) Niq was taken to the hospital and China was detained and searched but no knife was found on her. The fans, NiNi and Tinashe were also searched but no knife was found. This created the hashtag #invisibleknife and it blew up all over social media. Sources report that Niq needed 75 stitches as the wound was so deep and severe. The signing was shut down and people were questioned but no one has been charged yet and the knife hasn't been found. This brawl also got the attention of their label mates and other artists who all feel this "war" is getting ridiculous and sources say they are planning a meeting to try and get them to dead all this nonsense as its bringing negative attention to the label and to the game in general and to themselves. Niq has been released from the hospital but declines comment, so do the legends, but Niq may have thrown shade at China tweeting "U aint no "#Legend" Stay tuned for more info. Click here to read more on this incident. Cray Indeed.

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