Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Another PSR Beef? And Another PSR Love Fest? + She's Next Up

More drama is coming from the PSR camp today and it's due to a song from A$AP called "Better Times" which has a direct line to Rita Ora which is his label mate. Those two have been linked many times and many feel the song is anger for her leaving him. He calls her all kinds of bitches and other offensive things on the song and speaks on kicking her out after receiving oral sex from her. She got word of the song and she was the bigger one and said "I don't think it's cool to disrespect women but I don't give a flying fuck what he or anyone else says about me" A$AP recently admitted that his line was tasteless and maybe he should've muted her name but he still stands by it. She responded "that's nice but he still said it. It's all good cuz at the end of the day it's all about the music I always loved his music and supported him so I don't even understand where that came from but ima do me he do him and leave it there. He knows where to find me if he wants to apologize"Rita is being praised because despite being severely disrespected and called all kinds of names, she was more mature and didn't respond back in a negative way. A$AP on the other hand is being criticized, not only because his label mate is being more mature sticking to the PSR Pact and He isnt,  but due to how he talked about a woman which got many women very offended. He has yet to apologize to her or anyone else. But a very important person who is all about women's rights stood up for her and bashed him over Twitter and that's the queen who is his boss. She posted "@ASAPRocky you got a lotta nerve bro, says alot about you. Oh and by the way "Better times" sucks. Who the hell gave you the authority to put that bullshit garbage out cuz it sure as hell wasn't me" Her tweet received over 4 million likes and retweets. He has not responded to her. Stay tuned for more info. In other news today is Rita day. In addition to that drama, she is in the news for another reason. It's said that she and her other label mate Wiz Khalifa are dating.  The biggest love fest @ PSR right now is Kat and Alexis, but these two just might take over. They have been spotted literally EVERYWHERE together and have shown affection at times like holding hands and being close. It'll be weird if he brings her on tour with him since he and ASAP are touring together and they're cool (more drama). Neither one confirmed anything but a picture is worth a thousand words. Stay tuned. Also once again it's Rita day she is next in the #AugustReleases and with all this info popping off about her today, she is in first place. This is her 5th PSR titled "More Than Music" produced by herself and NiNi. Click here for full details, stats, my full review and purchase links for "More Than Music" by Rita. ..

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