Thursday, August 6, 2015

PSR Artists Speak On Bloody In House. ....But Should They Have Done That?

We all know it's a vicious bloody beef going on between Cymphonique & China, but the PSR artists are getting sick of it. So far PSR hasn't had any in houses in over 9 months it shows they're trying but these two are not and it's pissing everyone off and although many PSR artists have been dropping subliminal messages hinting that they're getting sick of it, it's one person who went full non subliminal about the feud and maybe she shouldn't have and that person is KP. KP tweeted "Ugh you little broads are childish I swear it, you both are trying to out-do each other and you're just making yourself look stupid and extremely immature dammit you're both grown act like it! Did I step on and hurt your feelings?  GOOD!!!!! GROW UP!! That may be true but that didn't stop the war, in fact it seemed to cause more trouble as Cymphonique and China both responded to her very negatively and it seems miss perry has unintentionally began a new war with both of them. "Oh if it isn't miss goodie two shoes finally speaking. bitch you ain't my mama mind yours and worry about why your nigga can't keep his dick out of random bitches" is what Cymphonique replied. "Um sweetie fall back or I'll make you fall back you don't know shit so don't act like you do TF" is what China replied. So yeah didn't help at all but now sources say Katy was offended especially at Cymphoniques reply and now she is feuding with both. Many fans spoke up and said Katy should've just stayed out of it since it's not her fight or her place that's NiNis job, others are on Katys side saying she did the right thing by speaking up since they're both acting like children and everyone is getting sick of it. What do you guys feel? Should she have just left it alone or was she right to speak up? Click here to see KP's message to them and their angry replies......#NewWar (that's the new hashtag and it's now a 3some war) other PSR artists are also getting in hot water over speaking up. Click here to see what I mean.

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