Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Song By The Queen + Next Up

NiNi may be making herself invisible to the world since she hasn't been seen since her early release but new music continues to be released and today we got a brand new song from her called "Where U At" which features Kat Dahlia the rising singer most famous for her hit "Gangsta". It's generating a huge buzz and has stolen the number 1 spot. It's Pop/Hip-Hop and NiNi raps abs Kat sings they sound pretty good together. Click here to check out the new song "Where U At" by NiNi Ft Kat Dahlia. In other news, it's day 2 of the #AugustReleases and the next person we got is CiCi. CiCi has been close to the NHO category ever since she started messing with her new boo, but this new album which is her 6th PSR album called "Make It Shine" is letting us know she is not to be forgotten. She recently released an EP called "Jackie" which didn't do to well but this album is doing well. She's in 2nd place behind Jordin. Click here for full review, details, stats, and purchase links for "Make It Shine" by CiCi

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