Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Music

Today we didn't get a new album for the #AugustReleases but we got new music. First up is Miss Demi with a new song called "Cool 4 The Summer" It's edgy and has a summer theme and is doing really good around the world taking home at number 3 on the charts. Produced by Kojack. 2nd up is Miss KP with a new song called "Chill Out". Also a summer theme type song it also is getting gpod attention and is in competition with Demi's new song. (Good thing they aren't in competition with each other huh? That would be even fiercer then the #KPVSNIQVSCHINA three some that's going on. New info on that here) Click here to check out "Cool 4 The Summer" by Demi and "Chill Out" by KP.

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