Friday, August 7, 2015

Next Up: + Update

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Tinashe & Zendaya.  Both of them dropped an album for the #JulyReleases but they both released their mixtapes this month. This is Tinashe's 3rd called "Streetz The Mixtape Vol. 1" and Daya's 2nd called "A Mic And A Dream Vol.2" Both are doing extremely well and both are for free download off of all the popular mixtape sites. Click here for full details, stats and download links for both of their mixtapes. In other news, yesterday a 3some beef popped off when KP decided to speak up on the current war at PSR by speaking to both of them directly. Today the new info is that KP is in fact now involved in the war and it's officially a trio 3some beef, but her tweet is not what caused it. Apparently KP has been having issues with Niq and China for a while it's just her tweet is what finally made it blow up. So now it's KP =VS= Niq =VS= China.  Click here to see how KP first started having issues with both of them. ... Also speaking of Daya she is releasing her own line of shoes called "Dope Shoes" which will be added to the P.W line next month. Click here to get a look at them.

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