Saturday, August 29, 2015

Next Up:

Sadly this is the last 2 days of the #AugustReleases and we have 2 more artists before the #SeptemberReleases. And sources say we will get a nice surprise coming at the end of this month from the queen to have the #AugustReleases go out with a bang. .. Next up we have Zendaya with her 7th PSR album titled "#Peace" This entire album is dedicated to the African Americans who were killed at the hands of white racist officers or people which has been happening alot recently so naturally many people, especially the black community can relate and it's doing extremely well because of the positive message it sends out which is "no more killing just "Peace" It landed her in the first place and it's selling like hot cakes. As we know, Daya is half black half white but she identifies herself as black and she says this album is for my people but also for everyone else who is affected by senseless violence. Daya, in the beginning was in the NHO category many times but lately she is everywhere and she is blowing up big, in fact, she was a part of the #JuneReleases and only two months later she has a new album so babygirl is fast and focused and according to her handlers and manager, her boss is very impressed with her. Click here to check out my full review, stats, info and purchase links for #Peace" by Daya. ......

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