Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Details Emerge On NiNis Sudden Walk Out + New Movie??

The other day, the queen was bashed by Tribe for apparently walking out in the middle of an interview, but the company who was bashing her is now apologizing to her. The interview woman and the cameraman kept asking her offensive questions even after she warned them to stop asking them, that's the part you don't see because the two edited it to make it seem as if she just was rude and walked off. It is unknown why they did that to her and they declined to comment. But the company has fired both of them and issued and apology to the queen posting. "To Mrs. Nichols, her friends, fans and family, we offer our sincere apologies for our behavior. We at tribe do not condone this disrespectful behavior, and if this vicious information was known earlier, the two employees would have been released. The two employees in question have been terminated from their positions with the company. We maintain a positive vibe here and any negativity will NOT ever be tolerated. We hope to work with NiNi officially one day and it is our hope that she doesn't hold this against the entire company for the actions of two very irresponsible people" NiNi has not responded to their apology. It is unknown if the two employees will face legal action, but they sure as hell are feeling the vicious wrath of the "N's" and even from the BeyHive. They are attacking and stinging very viciously. Click here to see what I mean.  In other news, word on the street is that NiNi may be working on a movie with hip hop legend Ice Cube. That's all we know/heard. Stay tuned for more info.

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