Sunday, August 9, 2015

Next Up + KP& Tinashe Fight???

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Tiffany Evans. Miss Evans was very close to the NHO category but with this new album she is now back in the buzz and is the leader so far in the #AugustReleases. This is her 6th PSR album titled "Tiff" Click here to read all stats, info, details and purchase links for "Tiff" by........"Tiff" In other news word on the street and in the media is that Tinashe & KP have brawled earlier today after T defended her tour buddy and friend Miss China who KP is in a feud with. Details are hazy but it's said that they both were broken up before anyone caused any serious damage to the other. So is it now a 4some beef?  We have more details about this coming in so stay tuned. Click here to read all about this alleged fight between T & KP.

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